Wild Nephin National Park

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Ballycroy National Park has changed and expanded significantly in the past decade. The National Park now covers many communities outside of and remote from Ballycroy, and the National Parks and Wildlife Service are developing visitor experiences in many of these areas, as well as in Ballycroy.

There is the impression that the National Park is confined to the site of the Ballycroy Visitor Centre, which is not giving the National Park the significance and recognition that it deserves, given it is the third largest National Park in the country. The Nephin Beg Mountain range forms the backbone of the National Park and the name “Wild Nephin National Park” is a more appropriate description and representation of this unique and beautiful area.

The Visitor Centre at Ballycroy will continue to be the focal point for visitors to the National Park, and its name will continue to be the Ballycroy Visitor Centre. The name “Wild Nephin National Park” will now appear on all official signage and publications, and will be used in all promotion and marketing of the National Park. The  name “Wild Nephin National Park” is more inclusive and makes for easier recognition of the National Park, including the increasingly popular Letterkeen and Wild Nephin areas at Srahmore and Keenagh, which are remote from Ballycroy.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service is committed to creating great experiences of wild places, which can serve both conservation and the local communities surrounding the National Park, including Ballycroy.