Advice to Visitors

For the park’s health & your safety

  • Hill walking in the park can only be recommended for walkers with suitable outdoor clothing and equipment.
  • Please, do not venture into the hills alone! We may not have tigers but we have a lot of phone signal blackspots.
  • Know your limits and those of your friends walking with you. Don’t be afraid to turn back.
  • Inform a reliable friend of your walking trip and estimated time of return.
  • Take all litter away with you.
  • Leave wild flowers for everyone to enjoy. Photograph or sketch them instead of picking them and then make sure to tag us so we can appreciate the art!
  • Dogs are amazing creatures but not when they are chasing down our rare and endangered species. Keep them on a leash at all times.
  • Treat our national park with respect and it will treat you to enjoyable walks, a wealth of wildlife, tumbles in the dirt and maybe even a night under the stars (we are a Dark Sky Park after all).
  • If you wish to camp, check out our Camping page. If you are organising an event, have a group size greater than 10 people or plan on lighting a fire – you need to let us know and permits are required.

Ticks: Please be aware that ticks are present within the park. Information on how to check for ticks and the symptoms of Lyme Disease are available here.

For more information, give us a call on +353 9849888