National Weather Warning

Harsh Weather

Please note that there is a Status Yellow – Wind warning for Donegal, Galway, Mayo, Sligo, Clare and Kerry, which is valid from Friday 02 November 2018 15:00 to Saturday 03 November 2018 12:00.

The concept behind a status YELLOW weather alert is to notify those who are at risk because of their location and/or activity, and to allow them to take preventative action. It is implicit that YELLOW level weather alerts are for weather conditions that do not pose an immediate threat to the general population, but only to those exposed to risk by nature of their location and/or activity.

The National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) asks that any visitors or recreational users visiting our properties during this weather warning be aware of additional risks and hazards associated with this type of weather warning on our properties. Please be aware that there is an additional risk of falling/fallen trees, flying debris, trips/falls and be blown off exposed tracks and pathway during windy conditions. Visitors or recreational users visiting to our properties during this weather warning should take the necessary preventative action, including avoidance, to minimise the risk of injury.

This Warning applies to all National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) properties in the Western Region and includes:

Connemara National Park

Wild Nephin/Ballycroy National Park

Derryclare Nature Reserve

Old Head Nature Reserve

Knochma Wood, near Tuam, Co. Galway

Laughill Wood, near Pontoon, Co. Mayo