Hedgehog Awareness Week 2020


Did you know that it’s Hedgehog Awareness Week?

A few weeks ago we were celebrating hedgehogs here in Mayo with the release of hedgehogs in Enniscoe Walled Garden at the North Mayo Heritage Centre.

In April 2020, two young hedgehogs were released in Enniscoe’s walled garden. These hedgehogs were siblings, rescued from a garden during winter time and rehabilitated by Noeline Haylett – a wildlife rehabilitator based in Westport. When found, the duo were underweight, cold and wet. They received veterinary attention from the kind staff of Castlebar Animal Hospital. Under Noeline’s care, they fully recovered and were ready to be released. The hedgehogs were passed to Leonard Floyd, Conservation Ranger with the National Parks and Wildlife Service, for release. Hedgehogs are a protected species under the Wildlife Acts and the release was carried out in line with current guidelines. The pair were released into Enniscoe walled garden where a passage was opened in the wall to ensure free travel to Enniscoe’s woodland. Hedgehogs are recorded in the area and the new additions will be able to breed with the existing population.

Click here to download an information sheet and quiz on the European Hedgehog. We will be posting a nice craft activity to our Facebook page later for the younger hedgehog fans out there!