Culture Night 2020 Virtual Event

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The Bangor Trail traverses National Park lands skirting the foot of the Nephin Beg Mountains. This ancient route twists and winds between the mountains and bogs, from Bangor southwards to Newport. Stretching 40km, once a route used by herders to bring livestock to market.
Trekking southwards from Bangor the route brings you into what is arguably the most remote part of Ireland. The low lying route can lead the unwitting venturer into the false belief of a relatively easy hike, although a long distance one. This is a very tough walk for the experienced hiker. Good navigation skills are essential – so a map and compass are a must!
For Culture Night 2020, Michael Chambers (National Park Head Guide) takes you on a virtual tour of the route which gives your a taste of the Bangor Trail.
Video premiering on our Facebook Page at 7.30pm and on Youtube at 7.45pm on Friday the 18th of September.
!!! Warning: This hike through Ireland's most remote lands takes approximately 12 hours (40km), a very tough hike through extremely rough, wet & boggy terrain. This is not a beginner's hike and careful preparation is essential. Please refer to the National Park website for information on preparing to walk this route: