Condition Orange – High Fire Risk – No Camping



Further Extension of the Condition Orange – High Fire Risk

Camping, fires and barbeques remain prohibited in the National Park at this time. All hikers in the National Park should register at

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Condition Orange – High Fire Risk
Warning Effective From 1500hrs 22/04/2022
Effective Period Expires 1800hrs 30/04/2022

A Condition Orange Forest Fire Warning has been issued arising from weather patterns and expected level of risk. As per our wild camping guidelines camping in the Wild Nephin National Park is prohibited. The lighting of fires, BBQs etc. is prohibited in the Parks for the duration of the notice. All visitors are asked to register at  for walking/hiking in the Park.

This warning is in place until 12pm on Monday, April 25th. 

Full details of the fire danger notice can be found at the following link: