Introduction to Irish Bats


The final feature event of International Dark Sky Week 2020 (Virtually!), will be "An Introduction to Irish Bats". It will premiere this evening on the Mayo Dark Skies Facebook page and on YouTube .   To mark this event we the Education Team in the Ballycroy Visitor Centre have been busy again. Doireann has prepared an information sheet along with a quiz, click here to download. Head Guide Michael has been crafting again, and we will upload a video to our...

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Earth Day 2020 & Moths!


Happy 50th Anniversary of Earth Day! Every year on April 22, Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. The Earth Day Network works in countries around the world to drive meaningful action for our planet across these issues of Climate Action, Science & Education, People & Communities, Conservation & Restoration, and Plastic & Pollution. For more information on Earth Day go to the official Earth Day website Here at the Ballycroy Visitor...

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Hare Folklore & the Easter Connection

Badge with Hare

Hares have a long association with springtime, as they are very visible at this time of year. The expression “Mad as a March Hare” alludes to the sparring activity that hares engage in during the mating season which peaks around this time of year. Check out the following link to see this activity: Though, you might ask what hares have got to do with the Easter Festival! In Anglo Saxon mythology Eostra was the goddess of spring and she...

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Irish Mountain Hare

Ballycroy National Park Badge

Spring is a time of birth and renewal; a time when nature is awakening from it's winter slumber. We begin to see some of the creatures that have rested or remained hidden over the cold winter days. One such animal that is more visible at this time of the year is the Irish Mountain Hare. Our National Park Guide Doireann has put together an information sheet and quiz on this uniquely Irish mammal. Click here to download the information sheet....

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Garden Birds

Perched Bird

Our Education Team have been busy again in the Ballycroy Visitor Centre. Inspired by all the activity by our feathered garden visitors, Head Guide Michael has composed a wonderful poem in honour of garden birds: For those of you that want to learn more about the birds that inspired Michael's poem we have put together an information sheet. Click here to download this guide.

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It's the time of year again when the butterflies are on the wing. These incredible creatures go through such an amazing transformation from a tiny egg to their adult form as a fluttering beauty! Our Education Team has put together a short information sheet on the butterfly life cycle, including a quiz sheet to test your newly acquired knowledge. Click here to download the fact sheet. We have also created a butterfly life cycle colouring sheet, click here to download...

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